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Made in Texas

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B4C Distillery is family owned and operated in Sherman, Texas

Our Brand, Roder's Premium Vodka

is made with the finest sugar cane instead of conventional corn

resulting with a final product that is a smooth, mild tasting vodka, 

unlike anything you've had before.



   Made with   

Sugar Cane

Roder's Premium Vodka
Roder's Premium Vodka
Roder's Premium Vodka



80 ProoF

Our Premium Sugar Cane Vodka is winning awards


2021 Denver Spirits Competition

The Denver Spirits Competition is the largest and most respected spirits competition in the Rocky Mountain region.


All spirits are tasted double-blind by a prestigious panel

of beverage professionals, sommeliers, and trade members.



We use state of the art techniques

and the best sugar cane available in our vodkas.

 Why we use Sugar Cane

Sugar vodka is a cleaner and more efficient way of making vodka.


Since the 14th century, vodka has been made from potatoes, wheat or other starchy grains. More recently, corn. The materials are emulsified, cooked, and then combined with enzymes to convert the starches into fermentable sucrose, then fermented.

However, when converting the grains into sugars, this process also results in the production of other substances and impurities, such as methyl alcohol, esters, acetone and other undesirable compounds.


These undesirable byproducts are called congeners. The congeners that are created from using grains require multiple distillations to produce a pure ethyl alcohol or vodka.

Cane sugar is inherently fermentable is its current state and does not require the addition of enzymes or added chemicals; it is virtually pure sucrose right from the start. Sugar vodka therefore does not produce nearly as many congeners as grain fermentation, resulting in a smoother taste, with less hangover than grain and corn vodkas.


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